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|                      First CALL FOR PAPERS                          |
|                                                                     |
|                       COORDINATION 2007                             |
|  9th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages  |
|                                                                     |
|             - New directions in Coordination -                      |
|                                                                     |
|                 Paphos, Cyprus 6 - 8 June 2007                      |
|                                                                     |
|                Paper submission: 27 January 2007                    |
|                Author notification: 7 March 2007                    |
|                Camera-ready copy: 26 March 2007                     |
|               http://www.discotec07.cs.ucy.ac.cy                    |

Modern information systems rely increasingly on combining concurrent,
distributed, real-time, reconfigurable and heterogeneous components.
New models, architectures, languages, and verification techniques are
necessary to cope with the complexity induced by the demands of
today's software development.  COORDINATION aims to explore the
spectrum of languages, middleware, services, and algorithms that
separate behavior from interaction, therefore increasing modularity,
simplifying reasoning, and ultimately enhancing software development.

Topics of interest:

-  PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE techniques that support orchestration and control
    of distributed and concurrent interaction.
-  MIDDLEWARE ARCHITECTURES: shared spaces, publish-subscribe, event-based.
-  DYNAMIC SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURES: software composition and scripting
    languages, dynamic software evolution and update, configuration and
    deployment languages.
-  Models and Foundations: component composition, verification, management
    of security and dynamic aspects of coordination.
-  WEB SERVICES: Service-oriented Architectures, Workflow Systems.
-  Programming abstractions for decentralized distributed systems such as
    P2P, mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks.
-  TYPE SYSTEMS and SPECIFICATION LANGUAGES appropriate for coordination of
    concurrent systems.
-  CASE STUDIES from E-Commerce, Factory Automation, Collaboration, Command
    and Control, or other systems.

                          PROGRAM COMMITTEE

  Nadia Busi          University of Bologna, IT
  Vinny Cahill        Trinity, IE
  Paolo Ciancarini    University of Bologna, IT
  William Cook        University of Texas, Austin, US
  John Field          IBM, US
  Chris Gill          Washington University, US
  Aniruddha Gokhale   Vanderbilt, US
  Chris Hankin        Imperial College, UK
  Mike Hicks          University of Maryland, US
  Valerie Issarny     INRIA, FR
  Christoph Kirsch    University of Salzburg, AT
  Doug Lea            SUNY Oswego, US
  Toby Lehman         IBM, US
  Alberto Montresor   University of Trento, IT
  Amy L. Murphy       ITC-IRST, IT & U. of Lugano, CH (Co-chair)
  Oscar Nierstrasz    University of Bern, CH
  Anna Philippou      University of Cyprus, GR
  Ernesto Pimentel    University of Malaga, ES
  Giovanni Russello   Imperial College, UK
  Jan Vitek           Purdue University, US (Co-chair)
  Jim Waldo           SUN Microsystems, US
  Herbert Wiklicky    Imperial College, UK


Proceedings of previous editions of this conference were published by
Springer, in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series and
are available as LNCS volumes 1061, 1282, 1594, 1906, 2315, 2949,
3454 and 4038. Our intention is to continue this series.

Selected papers from COORDINATION will be invited to a special issue
of The Science of Computer Programming journal.

A best student paper award will be given at the conference. To be eligible
for consideration indicate on your submission if one or more of the paper's
authors are students.

                       SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS

Authors are invited to submit full papers electronically in PDF before 27
January 2007. Further instructions are available from the conference web site.

Submissions must be formatted according to the LNCS guidelines (see
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html) and must not exceed 17 pages
in length (including all supplementary material). Papers that are not in
the requested format or exceed the mandated length will be rejected without
going through the review process. Simultaneous or similar submissions to
other conferences or journals are not allowed.

                           IMPORTANT DATES

   * Submission of papers:             27 January 2007
   * Notification of acceptance:       7  March  2007
   * Conference:                       6-8 June 2007

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