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The Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Sciences, University of
Lisbon is seeking candidates for two Ph.D. or post-doc positions, starting
January 2007.

The position is funded by Sensoria, Software Engineering for Service-
Oriented Overlay Computers, (http:/sensoria.fast.de/), an IST project
funded by the European Union as an Integrated Project under the 6th framework
programme, and part of the Global Computing Initiative. Researchers
in the Lisbon site include Lu´ıs Caires, Ant´onia Lopes, Francisco
Martins, Ant´onio Ravara, Jo˜ao Seco, and Vasco T. Vasconcelos.

We seek candidates with a strong background in some of the following
areas: service-oriented computing, software architectures, foundations and analysis of concurrent and distributed system. Monthly salary in the range
euro 2.200–3.300.

Post-doc applicants should hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or
equivalent, and justified expertise on the project themes. Ph.D. candidates should be eligible for a Ph.D programme at a Portuguese university. Applications
are open until December 28, 2006. Applicants should send a detailed
CV, together with a contact phone number, address, and e-mail address to:

Prof. Vasco Thudichum Vasconcelos
Secretaria do Departmento de Inform´atica
Faculdade de Ciˆencias da Universidade de Lisboa
Bloco C6, piso 3, sala 38
Campo Grande, 1749–016 Lisboa

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