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Dear Colleagues:

We would like to announce the following:

A Fields Institute Sponsored Workshop

Recent advances in category theory and logic:
Applications of traces to algebra, analysis and
categorical logic

University of Ottawa
April 28-30, 2007

URL:  http://aix1.uottawa.ca/~scpsg/Fields07/Fields07.traces.html


The abstract theory of traces has had a fundamental impact on a variety of 
fields within mathematics. These range from functional analysis and 
noncommutative geometry to topology and knot theory, and more recently to 
logic and theoretical computer science. The theory of traced monoidal 
categories, due to Joyal, Street and Verity, is an attempt to unify various 
notions of trace that occur in these diverse branches of mathematics. More 
recent developments include several theories of partial traces in monoidal 

The Logic and Foundations of Computing Group at the University of Ottawa, with 
funding from the Fields Institute, is proud to host a workshop to explore 
these topics. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers in 
these fields to look for common developments, models, and applications of 
trace theory. Among the applications are various notions of parametrized 
traces arising in operator algebras, in the theory of feedback and recursion 
in theoretical computer science, in braid closure in knot theory, and in 
dynamics of proofs as expressed by Linear Logic and the Geometry of 

Some invited speakers include:

Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
Robin Cockett (Calgary)
Andre Joyal (UQAM)
Louis Kauffman (Illinois)
Mathias Neufang (Carleton)
Timothy Porter (Bangor)

We will be announcing further speakers shortly. This is intended to be a 
workshop, with student participation in mind, including introductory lectures. 
We will have some funding for student travel and accommodation. Students 
interested in receiving financial aid should contact the organizers by January 

Anyone interested in attending or contributing a talk should contact us by the 
above date.

We hope to see you there.

The organizers:

Pieter Hofstra ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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