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The laboratory PPS of University Paris 7 is looking for candidates for a one 
year position, available immediately, around the CDuce project. CDuce is a 
strongly typed functional programming language for XML (see 
http://www.cduce.org) whose design and run-time are directly based on its type 
systems. Its compiler is implemented in OCaml.

According to the profile of the recruited person the position will focus more 
the development environment (e.g.: libraries for web development or web 
services, Eclipse plugins, Windows port) or on the research aspects (e.g.: 
concurrency, typing, subtyping, distribution, verification) around CDuce.

Candidates should be fluent in OCaml or in another functional language. 
Experience in Web development, environments for software development and/or XML 
would be useful as well.

The annual gross salary will be around 28.000 Euros. If interested please send 
mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] as soon as possible.

Giuseppe Castagna

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