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A full professor position will be available at the University of
Chambery for the next academic year (starting on September 1, 2007). It 
is not yet published officially but this will be done soon.
The deadline to apply will probably be around the end of march.

- The teaching assignments are : computer science for scientific
students from L1 to M2 (in the new european terminology).

- The research will be done in the Logic group of the laboratory of
maths (Lama). The Lama (www.lama.univ-savoie.fr) is an UMR (university 
and cnrs) with 24  permanents. The Logic group has 2 full Professor, 4 
"Maitre de  conferences" and 1 Cnrs. Its traditionnal domain of research 
is Logic  with particular emphasis on the applications to theoretical 
computer science. We  also  are interested more generally in discrete maths.

To get this position, it is necessary to

- speak  french fluently.
- have been accepted on the so-called "liste de qualification". Note
that, if you have not yet applied to this list, this is too late for 
this year.

The position is really open. This means that  there is no local
candidate and, a priori, no specific domain (inside Logic, theoretical 
computer science, discrete maths)  that will have an  advantage on the 
others. Of course, the candidate will have to show that his integration 
on our group is possible.

If you are interested (or simply if this is something that you consider
as possible for you), please contact me as soon as possible.

René David
Coordinator of the Logic Group



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