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Dear Colleagues,
    This is a Call for Participation for the 23rd Conference on the
Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics. The meeting will
take place on the campus of Tulane University in New Orleans, LA from
April 11 through April 14.
    The meeting will include invited lectures by Stephen Brookes
(CMU), Jane Hillston (Edinburgh), John Mitchell (Stanford), Gordon
Plotkin (Edinburgh) and John Power (Edinburgh). In addition there
will be a special session honoring Gordon Plotkin on the 60th
birthday, as well as special sessions on Security, on Systems Biology
and on Physics, Information and Computation. The balance of the
program is made up of papers submitted in response to the Call for
Papers that was circulated last fall. A copy of the full program is
available at http://www.math.tulane.edu/~mfps/program23.htm
    In addition to the conference, there will be a Tutorial Day on
Domain Theory on April 10, with lectures by Achim Jung (Birmingham),
Alex Simpson (Edinburgh), Andrej Bauer (Slovenia) and Giuseppe
Rosolini (Genoa).
    To find out more about the meeting and to register, point your
browser at http://www.math.tulane.edu/~mfps/mfps23.htm
    Best regards,
    Mike Mislove

Professor Michael Mislove        Phone: +1 504 862-3441
Department of Mathematics      FAX:     +1 504 865-5063
Tulane University       URL: http://www.math.tulane.edu/~mwm
New Orleans, LA 70118 USA

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