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                    *** NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT ***

                        Programming in Haskell

               Graham Hutton, University of Nottingham
                   Cambridge University Press, 2007

       Paperback: ISBN-13: 9780521692694 | ISBN-10: 0521692695
        Hardback: ISBN-13: 9780521871723 | ISBN-10: 0521871727


Haskell  is  one of  the  leading  languages  for teaching  functional
programming, enabling students to  write simpler and cleaner code, and
to  learn   how  to  structure   and  reason  about   programs.   This
introduction  is   ideal  for  beginners:  it   requires  no  previous
programming  experience  and all  concepts  are  explained from  first
principles  via  carefully  chosen  examples.  Each  chapter  includes
exercises that  range from  the straightforward to  extended projects,
plus  suggestions for further  reading on  more advanced  topics.  The
presentation  is  clear and  simple,  and  benefits  from having  been
refined and class-tested over several years.

Features  include:  freely   accessible  powerpoint  slides  for  each
chapter;  solutions  to  exercises,  and examination  questions  (with
solutions)  available to instructors;  downloadable code  that's fully
compliant  with  the  latest  Haskell release.


   1. Introduction
   2. First steps
   3. Types and classes
   4. Defining functions
   5. List comprehensions
   6. Recursive functions
   7. Higher-order functions
   8. Functional parsers
   9. Interactive programs
   10. Declaring types and classes
   11. The countdown problem
   12. Lazy evaluation
   13. Reasoning about programs
   Appendix A. Standard prelude
   Appendix B. Symbol table



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