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In response to requests from several authors, the deadline for the
2007 ML Workshop will be extended over the weekend.  Submissions will
be accepted until 6 PM Samoan time on Sunday, June 17.  However, so
that we know how many papers to expect, PLEASE submit at least a stub
document to the submission website (linked to below) by Friday, June
15.  You can then resubmit a revised document over the weekend.  After
6 PM Samoan time on Sunday, June 17, the submission site will be
closed.  If you want more time than that to polish your submission,
you will need to contact the program chair to ask permission.

Workshop website: http://research.microsoft.com/~crusso/ml2007/
Submission website: https://www.softconf.com/starts/ml07/submit.html

Derek Dreyer
Program Chair

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