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Hi everybody,

as promised, we (Peter Morris, Tarmo Uustalu,  & myself) are  
organizing a
small workshop on Dependently Typed Programming. This is a worskhop in
the tradition of previous workshops on "Dependent Types in
Programming" and "Dependently Typed Programming" which cover the use
of dependent types in programming in languages like Agda,Cayenne,Coq's
CIC, DML,Epigram, Omega,...

The workshop is taking place 18-20 February in Nottingham at the NCSL
conference centre. This is on campus but much nicer than the usual
student accomodation!

Currently we have one confirmed invited speaker: Lennart Augustsson.

For more details see the webpage: http://sneezy.cs.nott.ac.uk/darcs/ 

The deadline for talks and registration will be in January. However, if
you know you would like to come we would appreciate it if you could  
us ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) as soon as possible to register your
intentions. We have to promise a certain number of rooms and you will
also ensure you get accomodation at the NCSL.

The Organizers

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