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36 Months Postdoctoral Position in Colagebraic Logics
Department of Computing, Imperial College London

A three year postdoctoral position is available from March 1, 2008 (or 
as soon as possible thereafter) to work on an EPSRC-funded project in 
the area of coalgebras and modal logic.

Coalgebraic semantics allows the representation of a large class of 
structurally different modal logics in a uniform semantic framework 
where the particular type of observations that determines a specific 
model class is parameterized by an endofunctor. The aim of the project 
is to study fixpoint logics and logics axiomatized with  nested 
modalities in this setting. More information on the project and the 
position advert can be found at


or email me ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) regarding further queries.

With best wishes for 2008,

Dirk Pattinson.

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