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LASER Summer School on Software Engineering

Concurrency and Correctness
September 7 - 13, 2008
Elba Island, Italy

Registration Open
Early Application deadline: February 28th

The LASER school is intended both for researchers (including PhD students) and
for professional software engineers and managers who want to benefit from the
best in software 
technology advances. The focus of LASER is resolutely practical, although
theory is welcome to establish solid foundations. The format of the school
favors extensive interaction 
between participants and speakers.

Topics and speakers

The IT industry, and with it the software research community, are at a
crossroads: the end of Moore's law as we know it. The only way to continue
delivering needed advances 
in computational power is to rely on concurrent techniques, such as multicore
architectures. But while extensive research has been conducted on concurrent
for decades, it remains extremely hard to guarantee the correctness of
realistic concurrent computations. The 2008 LASER summer school examines
issues and solutions in depth.

The speakers are among the most respected experts in the field: 

* Tryggve Fossum, Director of Microarchitecture Development at Intel
* Maurice Herlihy, Brown University
* Robin Milner, Cambridge University
* Peter O'Hearn, Queen Mary University of London
* Daniel A. Reed, Microsoft Research and UNC Chapel Hill

with Tony Hoare for a special guest lecture.

How to apply?

Use the online registration form available on the LASER website
Registration is open, early registration deadline February 28th. The number of
participants is strictly limited to ensure quality interaction with the
lecturers and the rest of 
the audience. For more information, visit our website or contact the
organizers at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


As in previous years, LASER is held in the magnificent setting of the Elba
island off the coast of Tuscany, easily reachable by plane (Pisa) and train.
Time is set aside 
to avoid the amenities of the 4-star Hotel del Golfo (private beach, tennis
court etc.) as well as the natural and cultural riches of Elba, a
history-laden jewel of the 

   Martin Nordio

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