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The Theoretical Computer Science Group (Prof. Barbara Koenig) at the
University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg (Germany) has one open
PhD position in the project Behaviour-GT paid according to TV-L 13
(full-time). Candidates at post-doc level can also be considered.

For more information have a look at our web pages: 


Project Behaviour-GT - Behaviour Simulation and Equivalence of 
Systems Modelled by Graph Transformation

The current trend to model driven software and system development
requires the construction of different kinds of models and model
transformations. In order to validate such transformations, behaviour
preservation and refinement are important, but often neglected issues.

In this project we concentrate on graph transformation as a modelling
language, due to its success in modelling dynamically evolving
graphical structures and system architectures. Up to now, however,
there is no systematic study of behaviour simulation and equivalence
for graph transformation systems. The main aim of this project is to
fill this gap and to apply the corresponding results and techniques to
the problem of behaviour preservation of model transformations.  For
this purpose we transfer on the one hand concepts of behaviour
simulation from operational semantics defined by rewriting systems and
on the other hand concepts of behavioural equivalences from the area
of process algebras to the algebraic theory of graph transformations.

In addition to model transformation in general the results will be
applied to the  special case of model refactoring and to protocol
verification. Moreover, tool support will be provided for behaviour
simulation and equivalence and the results will be evaluated in
several case studies.

We prefer applicants with experience in some of the following topics:
concurrency theory, graph transformation systems, process calculi,
Petri nets and/or model transformation.


You should have or should be in the process of obtaining a MSc or
equivalent degree. Prior knowledge about the topics of the projects is
considered an advantage. Good English speaking and writing skills are
demanded, as well as the willingness to learn German.

Your Application

You can obtain further information by adressing your enquiries to:

Barbara Koenig
tel.: ++49-203-3793397

If you are interested in the position, please send your e-mail
application to the address given above. Your application should

* A description of your interest in the project, including your
  motivation and specific qualifications.

* A curriculum vitae, including an abstract of your graduate thesis
  and the name of your supervisor.

* If you are interested in a post-doc position, please include
  a list of your publications and the names of possible referees.

The application deadline is 9 May 2008.

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