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Dear all,

We would like to announce the availability of the technical report
version of our paper on conversation types,

"Typing Conversations in the Conversation Calculus"
Luis Caires and Hugo Torres Vieira

We present a type system for the Conversation Calculus, a model
of service-oriented computation. Our types discipline the behavioral
structure of interactions that take place in conversations, while
accounting for dynamical join and leave of a possibly unanticipated
number of participants. Typed conversations are related to the notion
of session types, but generalize them in new dimensions particularly
adequate for modeling loosely-coupled service-oriented collaborations
among several parties.  The general notion of conversation type is not
specific to the conversation calculus, we believe it may be adapted to
simpler models such as the pi-calculus.  Our main technical result is
that a well-typed service system is certified to never violate the
prescribed conversation constraints (referred as choreographies and
contracts in web-services jargon) neither incur in certain kinds of
runtime errors, such as service unavailability.


Best regards,
Hugo and Luís

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