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Dear Colleague,

we are happy to announce the

*QICS Workshop on "Foundational Structures for Quantum Information and Computation*

to be held September 14-20, 2008 in Obergurgl, Austria.
(see http://www.uibk.ac.at/th-physik/qics-obergurgl2008/)

The aim of the workshop is to bring together people working on
foundational aspects in
quantum computation and quantum physics in general. The list of topics
will include theory
and implementation of measurement-based quantum computation, quantum
models in general, multi-party entanglement, complexity and graph theory
therein, high-level
methods, logics and other mathematical structures, quantum foundations,
and more.

The preliminary list of confirmed invited speakers includes

?    Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
?    Antonio Acin (ICFO Barcelona)
?    Pablo Arrighi (IMAG Grenoble)
?    Howard Barnum (Los Alamos)
?    Jonathan Barrett (Perimeter)
?    Simon Benjamin (Oxford)
?    Daniel Browne (UCL London)
?    Ignacio Cirac (MPQ Garching)
?    Mauro D'Ariano (Pavia)
?    Vincent Danos (Edinburgh)
?    Ross Duncan (Oxford)
?    Jens Eisert (Imperial College)
?    Chris Fuchs (Perimeter)
?    Hans Halvorson (Princeton)
?    Peter Hines (York)
?    Philippe Jorrand (IMAG Grenoble)
?    Richard Jozsa (Bristol)
?    Sandu Popescu (Bristol)
?    Jianwei Pan (Heidelberg)
?    Simon Perdrix (Oxford)
?    Elham Kashefi (CNRS)
?    Matt Leifer (Perimeter)
?    Medhi Mhalla (IMAG Grenoble)
?    Robert Raussendorf (UBC Vancouver)
?    Peter Selinger (Dalhousie)
?    Robert Spekkens (Cambridge)
?    Maarten Van den Nest (Innsbruck)
?    Reinhard Werner (Braunschweig)
?    Andreas Winter (Singapore)

There will also be the opportunity for people to contribute posters;
given the number of young people active in the field we expect this to
be a substantial event in itself which will run throughout the week.

Obergurgl is located in the Oetztal in Tyrol (the 3300 years old mummy
"Oetzi the Iceman" was named after the valley and was found in a glacier
close to that place). It is a prominent skiing resort in winter and a
nice and relaxing alpine resort in summer. We plan to have lectures in
the morning and in late afternoon, with enough time for discussions and
outdoor activities during the day.

The workshop is sponsored by the European research network QICS, which
is a collaborative effort of groups working on foundational problems in
computer science and theoretical quantum physics. It also enjoys support
from the EPSRC Grant "The Structure of Quantum Information and its
Ramifications for IT", the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum
Information (IQOQI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the
University of Innsbruck.

For more information about the workshop and for registration, please
visit our conference homepage
http://www.uibk.ac.at/th-physik/qics-obergurgl2008/ . Registration is
open until June 1.

We kindly ask you to forward this information to people in your research
group or anybody else who might be interested.

Yours sincerely,

Hans Briegel and Bob Coecke (Organizers)
Wolfgang D?r, Barbara Kraus, and Akimasa Miyake (Local Organizing Team)

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