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Apologies for multiple copies....Call for participation 

            15th International Workshop on

            Expressiveness in Concurrency


          August 23rd, 2008, Toronto (Canada)

              Affiliated to CONCUR 2008
(http://www.cse.yorku.ca/concur08 - early registration for CONCUR August 1)

The EXPRESS workshops aim at bringing together researchers interested
in the relations between various formal systems, particularly in the
field of Concurrency. More specifically, they focus on the comparison
between programming concepts (such as concurrent, functional,
imperative, logic and object-oriented programming) and between
mathematical models of computation (such as process algebras, Petri
nets, event structures, modal logics, rewrite systems etc.) on the
basis of their relative expressive power.

The EXPRESS workshops were originally held as meetings of the HCM
project EXPRESS, which was active with the same focus from January
1994 till December 1997. Every year since 1998, EXPRESS has been a
satellite workshop of the CONCUR conference.


This year we have 2 invited talks:

*Michele Bugliesi*: "Security Abstractions and Adversarial Models in 
Distributed Communications" (Joint with SecCo)

*Gianluigi Zavattaro*: "Expressiveness Issues in Calculi for (Bio)Chemistry"

and 8 selected papers: 

*Adam Antonik, Michael Huth, Kim G. Larsen, Ulrik Nyman and Andrzej Wasowski*:
"EXPTIME-complete Decision Problems for Mixed and Modal Specifications"

*Jos Baeten, Pieter Cuijpers and Paul van Tilburg*:
"A Basic Parallel Process as a Parallel Pushdown Automaton"

*Roberto Amadio*:
"On convergence-sensitive bisimulation and the embedding of CCS in timed CCS"

*Sibylle Froeschle*:
"Adding Branching to the Strand Space Model"

*Jens Chr. Godskesen*:
"A Calculus for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks with Static Location Binding"

*Fabio Gadducci, Filippo Bonchi and Giacoma Monreale*:
"Labeled transitions for mobile ambients (as synthesized via a graphical 

*Mikkel Bundgaard, Jens Chr. Godskesen, Bjorn Haagensen and Hans Huttel*:
"Decidable Fragments of a Higher Order Calculus with Locations"

*Massimo Bartoletti, Pierpaolo Degano, Gianluigi Ferrari and Roberto Zunino*:
"Hard life with weak binders"

For more details and the full programme see: 


Workshop registration at:


(The registration fee covers breakfast, coffee breaks and printed 

Best regards from the workshop co-chairs,

Daniele Gorla (Dip. di Informatica - Univ. di Roma "La Sapienza", IT)
Thomas Hildebrandt (IT University of Copenhagen, DK)

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