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Please circulate the following announcement to Ph.D. students.
Thanks, Lars Birkedal.

                        Call for Participation

        FIRST PhD Fall School on Logics and Semantics of State

                 IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
                         October 20-24, 2008



The Fall School on Logics and Semantics of State will cover current
research focused on developing logics for reasoning modularly about
programs with state. Speakers will present material covering
separation logic, certified systems software, modular verification
methodologies for object-oriented programs, and separation logic for
object-oriented and higher-order programs. Both foundations and
applications will be covered in the lectures.

Material will be presented at a tutorial level that will help graduate
students (advanced M.Sc. students and Ph.D. students) and researchers
from academia or industry get an overview of state-of-the-art
techniques and understand open problems confronting the field.

The Fall school is open to anyone interested. Prerequisites are an
elementary knowledge of logic and mathematics that is usually covered
in undergraduate classes on discrete mathematics. Some knowledge of
programming languages at the level provided by a beginning graduate
survey course will also be expected. Our primary target group consists
of advanced M.Sc. students, Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral

Lecturers and topics

John C. Reynolds        Separation Logic -
                        A Logic for Shared Data and Local Reasoning

Zhong Shao              Modular Development of Certified System Software 

David Naumann           Modular Specification and Verification
                        of Object-oriented Programs 

Matthew Parkinson       Separation Logic for Object-oriented Programs

Lars Birkedal
and Hongseok Yang       Separation Logic for Higher-order Programs

For more information about the contents, see the Fall school web site:

Time and place

The Fall school will take place at the IT University of Copenhagen
from October 20 to October 24 (Monday through Friday). Each topic will
be covered by seven hours of lectures and exercises during the week.


To register for the Fall school, please send an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
no later than

                    *** Friday, September 19. ***

The email should contain your name and affiliation. If you are a
student, your supervisor (or another faculty member) must in addition
send a brief letter of support by email to the same address.

The registration fee is 500 DKK / Euro 65, covering course materials,
coffee, and lunches. The fee does not cover accommodation. Information
about payment methods will be announced.

FIRST PhD students participate free of charge.


The Fall school is sponsored by the FIRST Research School.
Organizers: Lars Birkedal and Kristian Stoevring, IT University of Copenhagen.

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