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                        C a l l   f o r   P a p e r s

      DAMP 2009: Workshop on Declarative Aspects of Multicore  

                 Savannah, Georgia, USA --- January 20, 2009
                         (co-located with POPL 2009)

   DAMP 2009 is the fourth in a series of one-day workshops seeking to  
   ideas in programming language design that will greatly simplify  
   for multicore architectures, and more generally for tightly coupled  
   architectures.  DAMP 2009 is co-located with the ACM SIGPLAN - SIGACT
   Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2009).

   The emphasis will be on functional and (constraint-)logic  
programming, but
   any programming language ideas that aim to raise the level of  
   are welcome.  DAMP seeks to gather together researchers in  
   approaches to parallel programming and to foster cross  
fertilization across
   different approaches.

   For further information, a CFP flyer, and details on paper  
submissions, see


               Paper submission deadline is 10th October 2008!

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