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PhD scholarships and post-doc positions
in the research group LBT, Language Based Technology,
at DTU, Technical University of Denmark

Starting in the autumn 2008 a number of PhD scholarships and post doc positions will be available in our research group. They will be funded by MT-LAB, a VKR centre of Excellence opening in the autumn of 2008, and a research project funded by the Danish strategic research councils.

MT-LAB is a cooperative project on "Modelling of Information Technology" with researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University and the IT-University of Copenhagen. The project will study discrete, stochastic and continous properties of systems and is organised according to the three themes (1) static analysis versus model checking, (2) embedded systems versus service-oriented architectures and (3) components versus global characteristic features. The DTU partner is involved in all themes. For more details, see http://www.mtlab.dk/.

The research project "Aspects of security for citizens" is in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London and explores the principles behind adding security concerns to existing programs after they have been fully developed and deployed. For more details, see http://www.imm.dtu.dk/English/Research/Language-Based_Technology/Projects/Aspects.aspx

If you are interested in the positions please send your CV (including references) together with a description of how you see your research interests fit within the project(s). If you are interested in a PhD scholarship we additionally need a transcript of your grades indicating average scores for BSc and MSc and the maximum score possible for each. Note that in Denmark a PhD scholarship covers living expenses (a salary), tuition fees, as well as expenses needed to carry out the research project.

Flemming Nielson (nielson(at)imm.dtu.dk)
Hanne Riis Nielson (riis(at)imm.dtu.dk)
Professor Flemming Nielson, (+45) 4525 3735, http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~nielson

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