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*                         Call for Papers                          *
*                                                                  *
*                           CALCO 2009                             *
*                                                                  *
*   3rd Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science    *
*                          CALCO Tools Day                          *
*                           CALCO-jnr
*                                                                  *
*             September 6-10 2009, Udine, Italy                     *
*                                                                  *
*          Abstract submission:        February 2, 2009           *
*          Technical paper submission: February  7, 2009           *
*           Tools Day submission:      February 24, 2009           *
*          Author notification:        April    22, 2009           *
*                 http://www.dimi.uniud.it/calco09/                    *

CALCO brings together researchers and practitioners to exchange new
results about both traditional and emerging uses of algebras and coalgebras
in computer science.

This is a high-level, bi-annual conference formed by joining the forces
and reputations of CMCS (the International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods
in Computer Science), and WADT (the Workshop on Algebraic Development
Techniques). The first and second CALCO conferences took place 2005 in
Swansea, Wales (http://www.cs.swan.ac.uk/calco/index.php), and 2007 in
Bergen, Norway (http://www.ii.uib.no/calco07/).
The second event will take place September 2009 in Udine, Italy.

CALCO 2009 will be preceded by two events on September 6, 2009.

 * CALCO-jnr - a CALCO Young Researchers Workshop dedicated to
   presentations by PhD students and by those who completed
   their doctoral studies within the past few years.

 * CALCO Tools Day - providing the opportunity to give
   system demonstrations. See below for more information.

There are separate submission procedures for the CALCO main conference,
CALCO-jnr and CALCO Tools Day, respectively.

Topics of Interest
We invite submissions of technical papers that report results of
theoretical work on the mathematics of algebras and coalgebras, the
way these results can support methods and techniques for software
development, as well as experience with the transfer of resulting
technologies into industrial practice. We encourage submissions in
topics included or related to those in the lists below.

 * Abstract models and logics
   - Automata and languages,
   - Categorical semantics,
   - Modal logics,
   - Relational systems,
   - Graph transformation,
   - Term rewriting,
   - Adhesive categories

 * Specialised models and calculi
   - Hybrid, probabilistic, and timed systems,
   - Calculi and models of concurrent, distributed,
     mobile, and context-aware computing,
   - General systems theory and computational models
     (chemical, biological, etc)

 * Algebraic and coalgebraic semantics
   - Abstract data types,
   - Inductive and coinductive methods,
   - Re-engineering techniques (program transformation),
   - Semantics of conceptual modelling methods and techniques,
   - Semantics of programming languages

 * System specification and verification
   - Algebraic and coalgebraic specification,
   - Formal testing and quality assurance,
   - Validation and verification,
   - Generative programming and model-driven development,
   - Models, correctness and (re)configuration of
   - Process algebra

Submission Guidelines
Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers in English
presenting original research. Submitted papers must be unpublished
and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Experience papers
are welcome, but they must clearly present general lessons learned
that would be of interest and benefit to a broad audience of both
researchers and practitioners. As in 2005 and 2007, it is planned to publish
the proceedings in the Springer LNCS series. Final papers will be
no more than 15 pages long in the format specified by Springer. It
is recommended that submissions adhere to that format and length
(see http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html). Submissions that
are clearly too long may be rejected immediately. Proofs omitted due
to space limitations may be included in a clearly marked appendix.
Both an abstract and the full paper must be submitted by their respective
submission deadlines.

A special issue of the new high-quality open access journal Logical
Methods in Computer Science (http://www.lmcs-online.org), consisting of
extended versions of selected papers will be produced after the conference
if there are enough good papers that can be extended and revised to the
standards of this journal.

Important Dates (all in 2009)
February 2    Abstract submission due
February 7      Technical paper submission due
February 24     Submissions to CALCO Tools Day, see below
April 22        Author notification
May 22          Camera ready due
September 6       CALCO-jnr and CALCO Tools Day
September 6-10    CALCO technical programme

Programme Committee
Luca Aceto, Reykjavik University, IS
Stephen Bloom, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, USA
Marcello Bonsangue, Leiden University, NL
Corina Cirstea, University of Southampton, UK
Andrea Corradini, University of Pisa, I
José Fiaderio, University of Leicester, UK
Rolf Hennicker, University of Munich, D
Furio Honsell, University of Udine, I
Bart Jacobs, University of Nijmegen, NL
Bartek Klin, University of Warsaw, PL
Alexander Kurz, University of Leicester, UK (co-chair)
Stefan Milius, University of Braunschweig, D
Ugo Montanari, University of Pisa, I
Larry Moss, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
Till Mossakowski, DFKI Lab Bremen and University of Bremen, D
Dirk Pattinson, Imperial College London, UK
Dusko Pavlovic, Kestrel Institute, USA
Jean-Eric Pin, CNRS-LIAFA Paris, F
John Power, University of Bath, UK
Grigore Rosu, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
Jan Rutten, CWI and Free University, Amsterdam, NL
Davide Sangiorgi, University of Bologna, I
Lutz Schröder, DFKI Lab Bremen and University of Bremen, D
Eugene Stark, State University of New York, USA
Andrzej Tarlecki, Warsaw University, PL (co-chair)
Yde Venema, University of Amsterdam, NL
James Worrell, University of Oxford, UK

Steering Committee
Jiri Adamek, Michel Bidoit, Corina Cirstea, Jose Fiadeiro (co-chair,
http://www.cs.le.ac.uk/people/jfiadeiro/), H.Peter Gumm, Magne
Haveraaen, Bart Jacobs, Hans-Joerg Kreowski, Alexander Kurz, Marina
Lenisa, Ugo Montanari, Larry Moss, Till Mossakowski, Peter Mosses,
Fernando Orejas, Francesco Parisi-Presicce, John Power, Horst Reichel,
Markus Roggenbach, Jan Rutten (co-chair, http://homepages.cwi.nl/ ~janr/),
Andrzej Tarlecki

Organising Committee
Fabio Alessi, Alberto Ciaffaglione, Pietro Di Gianantonio, Davide Grohmann,
Furio Honsell, Marina Lenisa (chair, http://www.dimi.uniud.it/~lenisa),
Marino Miculan, Ivan Scagnetto,
University of Udine, Italy

The conference will be held in the city of Udine, the capital of the historical region of Friuli, Italy. Located between the Adriatic sea and the Alps, close to Venice, Austria and Slovenia, Udine is a city of Roman origins, funded by Emperor Otto in 983. Rich of historical sites, Udine is also famous for its
outstanding wine and culinary traditions.

CALCO Tools Day
A special day at CALCO'09 is dedicated to tools based on algebraic
and coalgebraic principles. These include systems/prototypes/tools
developed specifically for design, checking, execution, and verification
of (co)algebraic specifications, but also tools targeting different
application domains but making core or interesting use of (co)algebraic
techniques. Tool submissions should be no longer than 5 pages in the
LNCS format; the accepted tool papers will be included in the final
LNCS proceedings of the conference.  The tools should be available on
the web for download and evaluation. Each submission will be evaluated
by at least three reviewers; one or more of the reviewers will be asked
to download and run the tool. At least one of the authors of each tool
paper must attend the conference to demo the tool.
Submissions by e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Important Dates (all in 2009)
February 24      Tools software and paper submissions due
March 28         Author notification
May 16           Camera ready due
September 6        CALCO Tools Day

Program Committee
Luigi Liquori, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France
Grigore Rosu, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA


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