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Midlands Graduate School in the Foundations of Computing Science
                30th March - 3rd April 2009
                University of Leicester, UK

      The 10th Midlands Graduate School (MGS) is taking place!


The MGS is an intensive course of lectures on the Foundations
of Computing. It is very well established, with this being our 10th
anniversary, and has always proved a very popular and successful
event. This year we have Professor Peter Dybjer, Chalmers, Sweden, as
guest lecturer.

The lectures are aimed at graduate students, typically in their first
or second year of study for a PhD. However, the school is open to
anyone who is interested in learning more about mathematical computing
foundations. We very much welcome international applications as well
as from those from the UK.


We have 20 EPSRC funded places with substantially reduced fees.


 - Foundations

Thorsten Altenkirch       Category Theory     
Paul Levy                 The Lambda Calculus    
Henrik Nilsson            Functional Programming    

 - Advanced

Peter Dybjer              Normalization by Evaluation    
Martin Escardo            Semantics    
Nicola Gambino            Dependent Types
Alexander Kurz            Coalgebra
Uday Reddy                Separation Logic
Georg Struth              Automated Theorem Proving


MGS 2009 will take place at John Foster Hall, University of Leicester,
UK, with accommodation and lectures all on one site. Breakfasts,
lunches and four course dinners will be provided.

For further details and registration visit


Please register soon! Grants will be awarded on the basis of a
supervisor's recommendation, and all other places will be on a first
come first served basis. All registrations must be received by 2pm on
30th January 2009.

Roy Crole and Daniela Petrisan.

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