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                      2nd CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                    2009 International Workshop on
               Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
                              (FOOL '09)

                       Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

                      Saturday, 24 January 2009
                        Savannah, Georgia, USA
                          Following POPL '09



Peter Thiemann
   Generalized Interfaces for Java

Jeff Foster
   Adding Static Typing to Ruby


CZ: Multiple Inheritance Without Diamonds
   Donna Malayeri

Dynamic Interfaces
   Simon Gay, Antonio Ravara and Vasco Vasconcelos

Flattening versus direct semantics for Featherweight Jigsaw
   Giovanni Lagorio, Marco Servetto and Elena Zucca

Growing a Syntax
   Eric Allen, Ryan Culpepper, Janus Dam Nielsen,
   Jon Rafkind and Sukyoung Ryu

Modular Verification with Shared Abstractions
   Uri Juhasz, Noam Rinetzky, Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter,
   Mooly Sagiv and Eran Yahav

Recency Types for Dynamically-Typed, Object-Based Languages
   Phillip Heidegger and Peter Thiemann


The search for sound principles for object-oriented languages has led
to a better understanding of the key concepts of object-oriented
languages and to important developments in type theory, semantics,
program verification, and program development. The FOOL workshops
bring together researchers to share new ideas and results in these

The next workshop, FOOL '09 will be held in Savannah, Georgia, USA on
Saturday, 24 January 2009, the day after POPL.  The program includes
two invited speakers, six contributed talks, and lunch.

To register for the workshop, use the standard POPL registration form,
available through:


To keep down the cost of registration, we will not be providing
printed proceedings. All papers will be available online before the
workshop, so you may print any papers you wish to have on hand.


Program Chair

Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University)
   e-mail: jonathan.aldr...@cs.cmu.edu

Program Committee

* Viviana Bono (Università di Torino)
* Gilad Bracha (Cadence Design Systems)
* Sophia Drossopoulou (Imperial College London)
* Atsushi Igarashi (Kyoto University)
* Ondřej Lhoták (University of Waterloo)
* Ole Lehrmann Madsen (Aarhus University)
* Sean McDirmid (Microsoft Advanced Technology Center)
* Peter Müller (Microsoft Research)
* Jeremy Siek (University of Colorado at Boulder)
* Mandana Vaziri (IBM Research)


Steering Committee

* Viviana Bono (Universita` di Torino)
* Kathleen Fisher (AT&T Labs)
* Atsushi Igarashi (Kyoto University)
* Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania)
* John Reppy (University of Chicago)
* Christopher Stone (Harvey Mudd College) [Chair]
* Philip Wadler (University of Edinburgh)


Christopher A. Stone / Associate Professor              st...@cs.hmc.edu
Computer Science Department, Harvey Mudd College   www.cs.hmc.edu/~stone
301 Platt Boulevard, Claremont, CA 91711                  (909) 607-8975

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