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                   LCTES 2009

          ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED Conference on Languages,
           Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems

            (In conjunction with PLDI 2009)

            Dublin, Ireland, June 19~20 2009

Second Call for Papers:

As embedded systems increase in number, complexity, and diversity, new
research challenges are encountered in areas such as verification,
validation, meeting performance goals and resource constraints,
creating and exploiting new hardware architectures, and scaling up to
multicores and distributed systems built from multicores.

LCTES 2009 solicits papers presenting original work on programming
languages, compilers, tools, and architectures that help meet these
challenges. Research papers (which propose innovative techniques) and
experience papers (which report experimentation with and lessons
learned from real-world systems and applications) are both welcome.

In addition to its regular sessions, LCTES 2009 will feature special
events such as an industrial panel, keynotes, tutorials and
demonstrations to bring out the latest and more interesting aspects of
embedded systems. Examples include tools for multi-cores, emerging
platforms such as smart phones, multi-player game machines and
autonomous vehicles and embedded supercomputing.

Papers are solicited on, but not limited to, the following aspects of
embedded and cyber physical systems design:

Programming language issues in embedded systems, including

(*)    Language features to exploit multi-core, single-chip SIMD, 
reconfigurable architecture and other emerging architectures
(*)    Language features for distributed real-time control, media 
players, and other complex embedded systems
(*)    Language features to enhance reliability and security
(*)    Virtual machines, concurrency, inter-processor synchronization 
mechanisms, concurrency, memory management techniques

Compiler issues in embedded systems, including

(*)    Interaction between embedded computer architectures, operating 
systems and compilers
(*)    Interpreters, binary translation and just-in-time compilation
(*)    Support for debugging, profiling, exception and interrupt 
handling, for reliability and security
(*)    Optimization for low power, low energy, low code and data size, 
and high (real-time) performance

Tools for analysis, specification, design and implementation of
embedded systems, including

(*)    Hardware, system software, and application, and their interface
(*)    Distributed real-time control, media players, reconfigurable 
architectures and other complex systems
(*)    Validation and verification, system integration and testing
(*)    Timing analysis, timing predictability, WCET analysis and 
real-time scheduling analysis
(*)    Performance monitoring and tuning
(*)    Runtime system support for embedded systems

Novel embedded architectures

(*)    Design and implementation of novel embedded architectures
(*)    Workload analysis and performance evaluation
(*)    Architecture support for new language features, new compiler 
techniques and debugging tools

Submission deadline: February 9, 2009

(Please see the web site for details about paper submission.)

Program Committee:

(*)    Dhruva Chakrabarti
(*)    Swarat Chaudhuri
(*)    Bruce Childers
(*)    Andreas Krall
(*)    Prasad Kulkarni
(*)    Tei-Wei Kuo
(*)    Insup Lee
(*)    Liqian Luo
(*)    Jan Madsen
(*)    Sally McKee
(*)    Florence Maraninchi
(*)    Peter Marwedel
(*)    Frank Mueller
(*)    Tamiya Onodera
(*)    Alex Orailoglu
(*)    Emre Ozer
(*)    Preeti R. Panda
(*)    Tajana Simunic
(*)    Reinhard Wilhelm
(*)    Wayne Wolf
(*)    Wang Yi

Steering Committee:

(*)    Koen De Bosschere
(*)    Ron Cytron
(*)    Srinivas Devadas
(*)    Krisztian Flautner
(*)    Rajiv Gupta
(*)    Mary Jane Irwin
(*)    Annie Liu
(*)    Thomas Marlowe
(*)    Peter Marwedel
(*)    Frank Mueller
(*)    Yunheung Paek
(*)    Santosh Pande
(*)    John Regeher
(*)    Per Stenstrom
(*)    David Whalley
(*)    Reinhard Wilhelm

General Chair:

Christoph Kirsch
University of Salzburg

Program Chair:

Mahmut Kandemir
Penn State University

Poster Chair:

Aviral Shrivastava
Arizona State University

Publicity Chair:

Alain Girault
INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes

Alain GIRAULT                       http://pop-art.inrialpes.fr/~girault
INRIA senior researcher             tel: +(33|0) 476 61 53 51
Head of the POP ART project-team    fax: +(33|0) 476 61 52 52
Sauvons la Recherche ! http://www.sauvonslarecherche.fr

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