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   Application deadline 13th of February (for the 5 years position)
           and 18th of February (for the 3 years position)

The CLIP  (Computational Logic, Implementation  and Parallelism) group
is searching for candidates for postdoctoral research positions in the
research  areas in  which the  group is  involved. A  PhD  in Computer
Science or related areas is required.

These are  research positions (no teaching is  compulsory, although it
is allowed) and  renewable for up to 3 or 5  years. The initial salary
(for the 5 year positions)  is 44370 Euros/year plus an initial budget
of  15000  Euros  for  travel  and other  expenses  during  the  first
year. Knowledge of  Spanish is not a prerequisite  for application and
candidates can be of any nationality. The working language at the CLIP
group for research is English.

The  number of  positions  available  depends on  the  quality of  the
applicants.  The positions are  co-funded by  the Spanish  Ministry of
Science and  Technology and the Technical University  of Madrid within
the Ramon y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva programs.

Selection Process:

Interested  applicants should  send their  c.v. and  a  description of
their     research    interests     to    the     CLIP     group    at
hats-gra...@clip.dia.fi.upm.es.   The   CLIP  group  will   perform  a
pre-selection of the best  applicants based on their scientific merits
and the  relevance of their  research interests and experience  to the
research activities of the group.  The CLIP group will then assist the
pre-selected candidates in accomplishing all required steps to present
the  required  documentation  for  the  final  evaluation  step.   The
applications, will then be sent to the Spanish Ministry of Science and
Technology  which performs the  final selection.  The details  of this
step are described here.


More details  on the CLIP group, publications,  projects, and research
areas of  interest can be  found at our  WWW site (see e.g.  the group
description and the listing of research topics and publications):


For   more  information   on  any   of  the   above,   please  contact


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