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[ PLACES is an ETAPS workshop. Several of the papers have a
type-theoretic dimension. SG ]

Accepted papers at PLACES'09

(Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and
Communication-cEntric Software)

The workshop will take place with ETAPS 2009 on 22nd March



Session-Based Programming for Parallel Algorithms
Andi Bejleri, Raymond Hu and Nobuko Yoshida

Execution Models for Choreographies and Cryptoprotocols
Marco Carbone and Joshua Guttman

A Concurrent Language with a Uniform Treatment of Regions and Locks
Prodromos Gerakios, Nikolaos Papaspyrou and Konstantinos Sagonas

Communication at the theatre: Role playing for Session Types
Elena Giachino, Matthew Sackman, Sophia Drossopoulou and Susan Eisenbach

Session-Based Type Discipline for Pi Calculus with Matching
Marco Giunti, Kohei Honda, Vasco T. Vasconcelos and Nobuko Yoshida

Programming Idioms for Transactional Events
Matthew Kehrt, Laura Effinger-Dean, Michael Schmitz and Dan Grossman

Towards a Unified Framework for Declarative Sessions
Hugo Andres Lopez, Jorge A. Perez and Carlos Olarte

Virtual Machine Support for Many-Core Architectures: Decoupling
Abstract From Concrete Concurrency Models
Stefan Marr, Michael Haupt, Stijn Timbermont, Bram Adams, Theo D'Hondt,
Pascal Costanza and Wolfgang De Meuter

Towards the Safe Programming of Wireless Sensor Networks
Francisco Martins, Luis Lopes and Joao Barros

Type Inference for Deadlock Detection in a Multithreaded Polymorphic
Typed Assembly Language
Vasco T. Vasconcelos, Francisco Martins and Tiago Cogumbreiro

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