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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath is
currently recruiting PhD research students in the area of Mathematical
Foundations.  A number of fully-funded studentships are available to  
cover fees and
an annual stipend, subject to eligibility.

The Mathematical Foundations group at Bath conducts research in:
  * logic and semantics of programming languages (Laird, McCusker,  
Power, Pym)
  * category theory and proof theory (Guglielmi, Power, Pym)
  * computer algebra, computational geometry, cryptography, networks
  and security  (Bradford, Davenport, Richardson, Vorobjov)
  * logic programming, answer-set programming, artificial
  intelligence and multi-agent systems (De Vos, Nickles, Padget)

For more details on our PhD programme, please visit

A complete list of staff members in Mathematical Foundations and their
research interests can be found at

Informal enquiries may be made to any member of
staff in the department.  An application form may be downloaded from

To be considered for a funded place, applications should normally be  
received by April 2nd 2009.

Further information about the department is available at 

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