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*** PhD Scholarships in Types for Context-sensitive Services ***
*** Application deadline: 16 April 2009 at 12:00 noon (CET+1, Copenhagen 
time) ***

Dear colleagues,

One or more PhD scholarships within the Programming, Logic, and 
Semantics (PLS) research group at IT University of Copenhagen are 
available on the topic of "Types for Context-sensitive Services".

The scholarships are affiliated to the FIRST PhD school (www.first.dk) 
and the Jingling Genies project 

The aim of the projects are to develop a theory of types for 
context-sensitive services and thereby expand the limits of research in 
session types for communication-based computing and formal models for 
specifying context and contracts for web-services, as well as 
technologies and standards for describing web-service interfaces, 
contracts, and their context.

The successful applicant(s) will be supervised by Associate Professor 
Thomas Hildebrandt (hi...@itu.dk) and/or Associate Professor Arne J. 
Glenstrup (pa...@itu.dk) in collaboration with Post Doc Søren Debois 
(deb...@itu.dk) and Post Doc Marco Carbone (carbo...@itu.dk).

Applicants should apply to the general call for IT University of 
Copenhagen found at: http://www1.itu.dk/sw487.asp

Please do not hesitate to send an email for further information about 
the project.

Best regards
Thomas Hildebrandt and Arne J. Glenstrup
IT University of Copenhagen


General Information

PhD scholarships at IT University of Copenhagen normally run for a 
period of 3 or 4 years, depending on the educational level of the 
student. The following qualifications are accepted:

1) A Master’s degree (5 years of University Studies) qualifies for a 
3-year PhD program.
2) A Bachelor degree (3 years of University Studies) + one year (60ECTS) 
qualifies for the 4-year PhD program. The 60 ECTS should be transferable 
to one of the Master programs at the IT University.

As the joint research project has a strong aspect of global 
collaboration, a one year extension of the normal period due to 
international travels should be expected.

Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the agreement between 
the Ministry of Finance and the
Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. For example, the 
basic salary of a 3 year PhD student amounts to DKK 24,117.18 (Euro 
3236.20) per month.

Applicants should apply to the general call at IT University of 
Copenhagen: http://www1.itu.dk/sw487.asp

The application deadline is 16 April 2009 at 12:00 noon.

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