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Bravo on this initiative, Rob!

Incidentally, since your per-page cost  will be zero, conferences now  
have one more reason  to choose a page limit that *excludes* the  
bibliography.  It is surely detrimental for authors to have to cut  
down their bibliography to meet a page limit.


On 30 Apr 2009, at 13:53, Rob van Glabbeek wrote:

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> With this email, we are launching
>    Electronic Proceedings in Theoretic Computer Science (EPTCS)
> a new international refereed open access venue for the rapid
> electronic publication of the proceedings of workshops and
> conferences, and of festschrifts, etc, in the general area of
> theoretical computer science, broadly construed.
> We do not charge authors or event organisers for electronic
> publication in EPTCS in any way. If hard-copies of proceedings are
> desired, event organisers have the choice of organising the printing
> themselves or taking advantage of a standard contract we will make
> with a printing house. Copyright on all papers is retained by the
> author, and full-text electronic access to all papers is freely
> available, without any need for registration or subscription.
> Permanent archival of EPTCS publications is ensured by organising
> EPTCS as an overlay of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR): see
> arXiv.org. The content of EPTCS will be indexed by DBLP.
> Only original papers will be considered for publication in EPTCS:
> manuscripts are accepted for review by an EPTCS conference or workshop
> with the understanding that the same work has not been published, nor
> is presently submitted, elsewhere. However, full versions of extended
> abstracts published in EPTCS, or substantial revisions, may later be
> published elsewhere.
> The submission and refereeing process is handled entirely by the
> organisation of the conference, workshop or festschrift to which the
> paper is submitted. Our editorial board carefully selects which
> workshops and conferences can be trusted to select scientific papers
> of quality only, and only those events will be granted a contract to
> fill a volume of EPTCS.
> Our editorial board consists of:
> Luca Aceto              Rob van Glabbeek        Gordon Plotkin
> Rajeev Alur             Lane A. Hemaspaandra    Vladimiro Sassone
> Krzysztof R. Apt        Matthew Hennessy        Robert H. Sloan
> Lars Arge               Bartek Klin             Wolfgang Thomas
> Ran Canetti             Evangelos Kranakis      Irek Ulidowski
> Luca Cardelli           Shay Kutten             Dorothea Wagner
> Rocco De Nicola         Nancy Lynch             Martin Wirsing
> Jose' Luiz Fiadeiro     Aart Middeldorp         Moti Yung
> Wan Fokkink             Benjamin Pierce
> Further information can be found on our website:
>                          http://eptcs.org/.
> In the hope this initiative will benefit the theoretical computer
> science community,
> Rob van Glabbeek
> (Editor in Chief)

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