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Dear all,

We believe the below announcement of PhD-scholarships within the
MT-LAB project to be of interest to the types-announce readership, as 
one of the MT-LAB work-packages is on type and effect systems.


    PhD Stipends in MT-LAB VKR CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE                    **

The pervasive and original element of MT-LAB is the development
of Computer Scientific models that integrate qualitative and
quantitative mathematical theories in order to analyse the important
properties of the hybrid IT systems of the future.

MT-LAB builds on formal techniques for modelling systems and
their properties. We study process calculi and their transition systems
for modelling systems and  we focus on logical formula for expressing
the properties of interest.

The research of MT-LAB is organised into the three themes, which
are  chosen in order to obtain maximal synergy between the complementary
skills of the partners:

    1. Static analysis and model checking are complementary approaches
    to the validation of discrete and, to a certain extent, stochastic
    and continuous systems.  In MT-LAB we
    believe that the two approaches fundamentally solve the same problem
    –  but using a different repertoire of techniques that must be
    combined in order to  produce much more powerful analysis techniques.

    2. Embedded systems and service-oriented systems are two
    dominant platforms for the development of IT systems – they are
    expected to merge and create the IT systems of the future. In MT-LAB
    we believe that there is no fundamental difference between
    the techniques and properties required for their analysis and

    3. Components and global characteristic features are
    complementary approaches to the construction and understanding of
    complex IT systems. In MT-LAB we believe that neither of the
    approaches will suffice for the effective analysis of complex
    IT Systems – but that the analysis of systems can be fruitfully
    decomposed into a compositional component and a less demanding
    characteristic feature thereby reducing  the perceived cost of analysis.

Within these themes a number of more specific research tasks have been
identified for the first couple of years:

    * Technology transfer
    * Beyond finiteness
    * Stochastic analysis
    * Hybrid systems
    * Resource usage
    * Service level guarantees
    * Interfaces

If you are interested in learning about MT-LAB please look
at http://www.MT-LAB.dk <http://www.MT-LAB.dk/>

If you are interested in one of the positions please

    1. Study the regulations for the DTU PhD programme as described
    at http://www.dtu.dk/English/education/Phd_Education.aspx

    2. Please fill out a draft version of the application form that you
    find in the rightmost column of that page (including transcripts of
    grades, the form for converting the grades to the Danish system, and
    any scientific papers and letters of recommendation that you may have).

    3. Submit the material to professor Flemming Nielson at the
    address  <mt-...@imm.dtu.dk <mailto:mt-...@imm.dtu.dk>> for a
    discussion of how to finalise the description  of the research
    programme so as to fit your interests as well as those of MT-LAB.

The scholarships will be filled continuously during 2009 and early 2010.

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