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        Call for Participation FTfJP 2009

        11th Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs
                    in conjunction with ECOOP 2009

                      July 6  2009 (Genova, Italy)



ECOOP early registration deadline  May 20
Workshop                           July 6

Registration for the workshop is via the ECOOP 2009 registration page


Juan Chen
A Typed Intermediate Language for Supporting Interfaces

Marieke Huisman
On the Interplay between the Semantics of Java's Finally Clauses and the JML 
Run-Time Checker

Lorenzo Bettini, Sara Capecchi and Ferruccio Damiani
A Mechanism for Flexible Dynamic Trait Replacement

Bruno De Fraine
Range Parameterized Types: Use-site Variance without the Existential Questions

Radu Grigore, Julien Charles, Fintan Fairmichael and Joseph Kiniry
Strongest Postcondition of Unstructured Programs

Nicholas Cameron and Sophia Drossopoulou
On Subtyping, Wildcards, and Existential Types

Steffen van Bakel and Reuben Rowe
Semantic Predicate Types for Class-based Object Oriented Programming

Frederic Besson
CPA beats oo-CFA

Robby and Patrice Chalin
Preliminary Design of a Unified JML Representation and Software Infrastructure

Alexander Summers
Modelling Java Requires State (short paper)

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