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The submission deadline for FSTTCS 2009 is 7th July 2009.

K. Narayan Kumar
Co-Chair, Programme Committee, FSTTCS 2009, http://www.fsttcs.org


                            (FSTTCS 2009)
                        December 15 - 17, 2009

                           Call for Papers

IARCS, the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science,
announces the 29th Foundations of Software Technology and
Theoretical Computer Science conference at the Indian
Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.  The FSTTCS conference
is a forum for presenting original results in foundational
aspects of Computer Science and Software Technology.  

The invited speakers this year are:

* Anuj Dawar (Cambridge)
* Kim G. Larsen (Aalborg)
* Martin Odersky (Lausanne)
* R. Ravi (CMU)
* Avi Wigderson (IAS, Princeton)

Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original and
unpublished research in any area of Theoretical Computer Science or
Foundational aspects of Software Technology. Representative areas
include, but are not limited to: 
* Algorithms; including randomized and approximation algorithms, 
  distributed algorithms

* Automata and Formal Languages 

* Computational Complexity 

* Quantum Computing and other new Computation Models 

* Logic in Computer Science, including: semantics, specification, and
  verification of programs, type theory, rewriting and deduction

* Concurrency 

* Cryptography and Security

Authors may submit drafts of full papers or extended abstracts.
Submissions are limited to 12 pages using the FSTTCS style file
available at 


Concurrent submission to other conferences or journals is not
acceptable.  Check the conference homepage for more details.

Accepted papers will be published as the proceedings of the
Conference. The proceedings will take the form of a free, open,
electronic archive with access to all. In addition to being
permanently archived on ArXiV and other online servers, the
proceedings of the Conference will be hosted on the Dagstuhl Research
Online Publication Server (DROPS), with an ISBN number provided by
DROPS.  Authors will retain full rights over their work. 

Important Dates:

Deadline for Submission: 7  July 2009
Notification to Authors: 14 September 2009
Final Version due on:    16 October 2009

Important Links:


Program Committee:

Christel Baier (TU Dresden)
Nikhil Bansal (IBM)
Hubert Comon (AIST/ENS-Cachan)
Deepak D'Souza (IISc)
Uri Feige (Weizmann)
Alan Frieze (CMU)
Navin Goyal (MSR)
Erich Graedel (RWTH Aachen)
Anupam Gupta (CMU)
Peter Habermehl (U. of Paris 7)
Ravi Kannan (MSR) co-chair
Amit Kumar (IIT Delhi)
Piyush Kurur (IIT Kanpur)
Dietrich Kuske (U. of Leipzig)
Satya Lokam (MSR)
Meena Mahajan (IMSc)
Rupak Majumdar (UCLA)
Anca Muscholl (U. of Bordeaux)
K Narayan Kumar (CMI) co-chair
Aditya Nori (MSR)
Jaikumar Radhakrishnan (TIFR)
Uday S Reddy (Birmingham)
Luc Segoufin (INRIA/ENS-Cachan)
S P Suresh (CMI)
Shanghua Teng (USC)
Nisheeth Vishnoi (MSR/CNRS)
Mahesh Viswanathan (UIUC)
Thomas Wilke (U. of Kiel)
James Worrell (Oxford)
Andrew C Yao (Tsinghua)

Organizing Committee:
Sanjeev Aggarwal (IIT Kanpur)
Manindra Agrawal (IIT Kanpur)
Surender Baswana (IIT Kanpur)
Somenath Biswas (IIT Kanpur)
Sumit Ganguly (IIT Kanpur) chair
Piyush Kurur (IIT Kanpur)

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