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The following gives the list of accepted papers for OOPSLA 2009's
research program, broken in to (somewhat arbitrary) groups and with
the dates on which we plan to present them. This is all subject to
change to some extent (authors can change titles, and we may need to
move rooms etc.) but I expect this will be a very good approximation
to the research program track.

(OOPSLA 2009 accepted 25 papers out of 144 submitted, which is 17.4%.)

Language Design (Tuesday Oct. 27 10:30, Ballroom of Americas A)
 * Meyerovich, Guha, Baskin, Cooper, Greenberg, Bromfield,
 Krishnamurthi: Flapjax: A Programming Language for Ajax Applications
 * Malayeri, Aldrich: CZ: Multiple Inheritance without Diamonds
 * Ducournau, Morandat, Privat: Empirical Assessment of
 Object-Oriented Implementations with Multiple Inheritance and Static

Concurrency (Tuesday Oct. 27, 3:30-*5:30*, Ballroom of Americas A)
 * Chaudhuri, Lublinerman, Cerny: Programming with Sociable Objects
 * Berger, Yang, Liu, Novark: Grace: Safe Multithreaded Programming
 for C/C++
 * Bocchino, Adve, Dig, Adve, Heumann, Komuravelli, Overbey, Simmons,
 Sung, Vakilian: A Type and Effect System for Deterministic Parallel
 * Wrigstad, ?stlund, Richards, Vitek, Bloom, Field, Nystrom, Strnisa:
 Thorn---Robust, Concurrent, Extensible Scripting on the JVM

Reliability and Monitoring (Wednesday Oct. 28, 10:30, Ballroom of Americas A)
 * Inoue, Nakatani: How Java VM Can Get More from a Hardware
 Performance Monitor
 * Ha, Arnold, Blackburn, McKinley: A Concurrent Dynamic Analysis
 Framework for Multicore Hardware
 * Mytkowicz, Coughlin, Diwan: Inferred Call Path Profiling

Software Tools and Libraries (Wednesday Oct. 28, 3:30, Ballroom of Americas A)
 * Charles, Fuhrer, Sutton Jr., Duesterwald, Vinju: Accelerating the
 Creation of Customized, Language-Specific IDEs in Eclipse
 * Lee, Hirzel, Grimm, McKinley: Debug All Your Code: A Portable
 Mixed-Environment Debugger for Java and C
 * Leijen, Schulte, Burckhardt: The Design of a Task Parallel Library

Static Analysis and Types (Thursday Oct. 29, 8:30, Nutcracker 1+2)
 * Bravenboer, Smaragdakis: Strictly Declarative Specification of
 Sophisticated Points-to Analyses
 * Saito, Igarashi: Self Type Constructors
 * Furr, An, Foster: Profile-Guided Static Typing for Dynamic
 Scripting Languages

Evolution and Transformation (Thursday Oct. 29, 10:30, Nutcracker 1+2)
 * Song, Tilevich: Enhancing Source-Level Programming Tools with An
 Awareness of Transparent Program Transformations
 * Abi-Antoun, Aldrich: Static Extraction and Conformance Analysis of
 Hierarchical Runtime Architectural Structure using Annotations
 * Nanda, Mani, Sinha, Sinha: Demystifying Model Transformations: An
 Approach Based on Automated Rule Inference

Memory (Thursday Oct. 29, 1:30, Nutcracker 1+2)
 * Zhao, Shi, Zheng, Wang, Lin, Shao: Allocation Wall: a Limiting
 Factor of Java Applications on Emerging Multi-core Platforms
 * Ogasawara: NUMA-Aware Memory Manager with Thread Affinity Based
 Object Copying
 * Pluquet, Langerman, Wuyts: Executing Code in the Past: Efficient
 In-Memory Object Graph Versioning

Language Implementation (Thursday Oct. 29, 3:30, Nutcracker 1+2)
 * Von Dincklage, Diwan: Optimizing Programs with Intended Semantics
 * Tsafrir, Wisneiwski, Bacon, Stroustrup: Compile-Time Polymorphism
 on a Diet
 * Kats, De Jonge, Nilsson-Nyman, Visser: Providing Rapid Feedback in
 Generated Modular Language Environments. Adding Error Recovery to
 Scannerless Generalized LR-Parsing

Thanks to the program committee for all their work on this, and hope
to see you all at OOPSLA 2009 in Disneyworld's Contemporary Resort,
Orlando, Florida!

        Gary T. Leavens
        439C Harris Center (Bldg. 116)
        School of EECS, University of Central Florida
        4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, FL 32816-2362 USA
        http://www.eecs.ucf.edu/~leavens  phone: +1-407-823-4758

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