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                       Call for Participation

               FIRST PhD Autumn School on Modal Logic

                IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
                        November 10-11 2009


The goal of the Autumn School on Modal Logic is to prepare PhD
students and other researchers for participation in the sixth workshop
Methods for Modalities (M4M-6) which takes place November 12-14 2009
in Copenhagen. The workshop Methods for Modalities aims to bring
together researchers interested in developing proof tools and decision
methods based on modal logics. Here the term "modal logics" is
conceived broadly, including description logic, guarded fragments,
conditional logic, temporal and hybrid logic, etc. The first M4M
workshop took place in Amsterdam in 1999. Since then, M4M workshops
have taken place in 2001 (Amsterdam), 2003 (Nancy), 2005 (Berlin), and
2007 (Paris). See Methods for Modalities for more information on the
workshop series, in particular, see why modal logic is important for
computer science. A goal of having M4M in Denmark is to strengthen
Danish research in reasoning methods for modal logics, which is a
growing area of foundational and increasingly computational

The Autumn School on Modal Logic is open to anyone interested. The
intended participants will have a general background in theoretical
computer science, but wish to obtain more concrete knowledge on modal
logic and its computational aspects. Besides a working knowledge of
English, prerequisites are a basic knowledge of logic and mathematics
that is usually covered in undergraduate classes on discrete

Lecturers and topics

Computational Modal Logic
Carlos Areces and Patrick Blackburn, INRIA, Nancy

Temporal Logics for Specification and Verification
Valentin Goranko, Technical University of Denmark

The Judgmental Reconstruction of Modal Logic
Carsten Schürmann, IT University of Copenhagen

Resolution-Based Theorem Proving for Modal and Description Logic
Renate Schmidt, University of Manchester

Hybrid Deduction
Patrick Blackburn, INRIA, Nancy

For more information about the contents, see the Fall school web site:

Time and place

The Fall school will take place at the IT University of Copenhagen
November 10 and 11 2009.


The registration deadline for the Autumn school is

                   *** Friday, October 23 2009  ***

Please register here: http://hylocore.ruc.dk/m4m6registration.html

FIRST PhD students participate free of charge.


Thomas Bolander, Technical University of Denmark
Torben Braüner, Roskilde University
Carsten Schürmann, IT University of Copenhagen


The Fall school is sponsored by the FIRST Research School.

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