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Special Session "Paradoxes"
(organized by A. Cantini and P.Minari - Univ. of Florence, Italy)

at the 3rd World Congress on Universal Logic (Lisboa, April 22-25, 2010)

We encourage submissions of papers which use proof-theoretic as well 
model-theoretic methods, 
and deal with topics from the following list:
- Paradoxes from the viewpoint of (the whole spectrum of) substructural logics, 
fuzzy logics included;
- Theories of predication and truth;
- Paradoxes in type theories and theories of operations;
- Recent developments in the Neofregean approach;
- Epistemic paradoxes.
Papers dealing with the history of paradoxes are also welcome.

Abstracts for this special session (max 1 page) should be submitted by email to:
to cant...@unifi.it or min...@unifi.it  
by December 15, 2009

Andrea Cantini, Pierluigi Minari
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Florence

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