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Postdoc in computer and network security

School of Computer Science and Communications
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

The Theory Group invites applications from outstanding candidates for a
postdoctoral research position in computer and network security.
Security and safety of computer and network based systems has been
identified as an area of strategic importance for the group and the
school. We are now looking for a postdoctoral researcher in one of
the following research areas:

 - Formal methods for computer security, including areas such as
   language-based security, information flow control, model checking,
   epistemic and temporal logics and applications to security protocol
   engineering, and distributed system security.
   Contact: Assoc prof Mads Dam, m...@kth.se, www.csc.kth.se/~mfd.
 - Privacy, anonymity, identity management, access control in
   distributed systems, peer-to-peer and cloud storage security,
   networking security (mobile ad-hoc, vehicular, social, peer-to-peer).
   Contact: Assoc prof Sonja Buchegger, so...@ieee.org, www.sonja.ws.
 - Cryptography and cryptographic protocols. This includes both
   foundational topics, e.g., relating basic notions, and more
   practically oriented topics, e.g., improving the efficiency of or
   proving the security of concrete constructions.
   Contact: Assist prof Douglas Wikström, d...@csc.kth.se,

For more information on the position, application procedure, the group,
and the school, see


Best regards.

         Mads Dam, Sonja Buchegger, Douglas Wikström

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