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[Applications from students interested in topics related to logics, 
and semantics are encouraged]

PhD at IMT Lucca Istitute for Advanced Studies, Italy
Call for applications: Computer Science and Engineering

Deadline December 4th 2009 18:00 (Italian time)
Classes start in March 2010
Students can apply if they obtain their degrees before December 24, 2009

PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
The doctoral Program aims to prepare researchers and professionals
with broad training in the foundations of informatics as well as
applications to a variety of cutting-edge systems and disciplines. The
frontiers of informatics are influencing the paths of other
disciplines as well as ordinary life, and are the target of active
research on the international scene. Research doctors may work in
universities and research centers. They may also take on professional
roles and high-profile tasks and responsibilities in both the private
and public sectors.  

-12 positions and 6 scholarships 12 students: no tuition fees + free access 
to IMT Canteen 
-6 students: full grants (annual grant amounts +/- 13640 Euros gross) 
-Up to 3 INPDAP additional grants 6 students: free accommodation.

Online applications at:

Further information about IMT available at:

Marzia Buscemi, PhD

IMT Lucca Istitute for Advanced Studies
Piazza San Ponziano 6,  I-55100 Lucca
Ph.: +39 0583 4326723
Fax: +39 0583 4326565
E-mail: m.busc...@imtlucca.it

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