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the School of Computer Science at Nottingham is advertising 3 PhD positions (see attached), areas include Functional Programming (in our view this includes Applications of Category Theory and Type Theory) - see the webpages of the Functional Programming Lab: http://fp.cs.nott.ac.uk/ . The deadline for applications is 8th of January 2010.

Please forward this to interested students.


The School of Computer Science of the University of Nottingham invites
applications for 3 PhD studentships. The studentships are for 3.5 years
and include 13,290 per year maintenance grant and UK/EU tuition fees.
The applicants need to apply through the University postgraduate
admissions system
The deadline for applications is the 8th of January 2010.

The applications are invited in the areas listed below. Please contact
the academics listed for the research area first if you are interested
in applying for a PhD in their area.

Functional Programming (contact Henrik Nilsson, Graham Hutton, Thorsten
Altenkirch, Venanzio Capretta:  {nhn, gmh, txa, vxc} at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Computational Photography and Content-based Image Retrieval (contact 
Guoping Qiu, qiu at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Computer Vision and Graphics (contact Bai Li, bai at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Computational Finance (contact Rong Qu, rxq  at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Adaptive and Learning Systems (contact Jon Garibaldi, jmg at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Intelligent Agents (contact Brian Logan and Natasha Alechina, {bsl, nza}
at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Computational Systems and Synthetic Biology (contact Natalio Krasnogor,
nxk at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Simulation of Complex Systems and Computational Modelling and Data
Mining (contact Uwe Aickelin, uxa at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Data mining (contact Jaume Bacardit, jqb at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Document Engineering (contact Steven Bagley, srb at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Opportunistic networking (contact Milena Radenkovic, mvr at cs.nott.ac.uk)

Reactive Environments (contact Holger Schnadelbach, Dave Kirk: hms,dsk at 

Intelligent Multilevel Search Methodologies (contact Ender Ozcan, exo at

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