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Mathematical Structures in Computer Science

Special Issue on

Commutativity of Categorical Diagrams

Guest Editors: Ralph Matthes and Sergei Soloviev

Call for contributions

Categorical diagrams have multiple applications in mathematics
(algebra, topology) and computer science (models and metamodels,
rewriting systems, higher order languages). Diagrams (understood less
strictly) can be found in physics, chemistry and other scientific
domains. Many similar problems arise in computer-assisted treatment of
diagrams in all these domains, concerning algorithms, graphic
interfaces, interaction with systems of computer algebra and other
software. In spite of the importance of diagrammatic methods, they are
relatively little developed and underrepresented in the world of
computer-assisted reasoning.

The main topics may be listed (non-exhaustively) as follows:
algorithms that may be used in computer-assisted treatment of
diagrams, categorical diagrams in computer algebra systems,
categorical rewriting systems, formal systems for categories, 
type systems for diagrams, formal developments related to diagrams and
category theory in proof assistants, elements of category theory in
proof development and computations, diagrammatic reasoning in general.

This special issue is partly intended as post-proceedings of CAM-CAD, a
workshop held at IRIT, Toulouse, in October 2009


but the contributions are subject to normal refereeing procedure and
not limited to the papers presented by the participants of that


Deadline for submissions: March 24, 2010
Author's notification: June 28, 2010


The submissions should be sent in PDF or Postscript to the guest editors
via email: {matthes, solovi...@irit.fr.

Extended versions of work previously published in conference
proceedings are eligible for submission but authors should make it
clear how their submission improves upon the conference publication;
in those cases where Cambridge University Press is not the publisher
of the original conference proceedings, authors should take care to
avoid infringing that publisher's copyright. Authors who wish to
discuss potential submissions are encouraged to contact the guest

The Mathematical Structures in Computer Science journal's policy is to
impose restrictions in advance neither on the number of papers nor
their length. However, as the special issue is planned to contain
approximately 240 pages, it is anticipated that it will consist of a
mixture of papers ranging between 15 and 45 pages.

Please send us a letter of intent before *** January 11, 2010 ***
with a rough estimation of the length of your paper.

Ralph Matthes and Sergei Soloviev, IRIT, Toulouse

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