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Openings at IMDEA Software, Madrid, Spain

The Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies (IMDEA) is a network of
international research centers in the Madrid region of Spain for
research of excellence in areas of high economic impact. The main
focus of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Software
Development Technologies (IMDEA Software) is to perform research
of excellence required to devise methods that will allow the
cost-effective development of software products with
sophisticated functionality and high quality that are safe,
reliable, and efficient. In order to achieve this goal IMDEA
Software is gathering a critical mass of top international
researchers and providing them with an ideal environment to
perform their research.

IMDEA Software is funded by the regional government of
Madrid (Communidad de Madrid) with the task of becoming an
international preeminent center of research. The focus of the
Institute includes all aspects of the software development
cycle (analysis, design, implementations, validation and
verification), including methodologies, languages, and
mechanisms. The Institute's distinguishing feature is its
concentration on approaches that are rigorous and that, at the
same time, allow building practical tools.

IMDEA Software has recently hired world-class researchers in the
areas of programming languages and type theory, formal methods,
verification, static analysis, systems modeling and validation,
and language-based security. The Institute intends to grow to
about 100 scientific personnel (including postdoctoral scholars
and PhD students) in five years and will be relocating to a new,
state-of-the art building by late 2011. Salaries and research
packages are competitive.  The Institute offers an ideal work
environment, open and collaborative, where researchers can focus
on developing new ideas and projects.

IMDEA-Software is located in the region of Madrid, Spain, with
easy access to the lively cultural, sports, business and
restaurant scenes of the city of Madrid.  Madrid has recently
hosted several international conferences, e.g., POPL 2010 and WWW
2009. The campus has excellent communication with both the
airport as well as downtown Madrid by way of efficient public
transit. Several major international airlines fly into
Madrid. The city is well served by an excellent national
high-speed train network.

IMDEA-Software invites applications for 
(a) Tenure-track (Assistant Research Professor) and
Tenured (Associate Research Professor and Research Professor)
faculty positions
(b) Postdoctoral fellowships
(c) PhD fellowships
(d) Research Internships

in the broad area of rigorous technologies for software

Please visit the websites




for more information (including application forms).

The working language at IMDEA-Software is English. 

IMDEA-Software is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages
applications from a diverse and international community. IMDEA-Software
complies with the European Charter for Researchers.

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