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Contemplate Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, is
working on tools for improving software quality, using type-based
static analysis and related technologies.  Our current focus is
multi-threaded Java programs.  Our current implementation languages
include OCaml, Java, and Datalog.

Contemplate has openings for a small number of Researcher Engineers
and Software Engineers.  Researcher Engineers should have PhD-level or
equivalent training and also be excellent software engineers, capable
of directing others.  Software Engineers should have an outstanding
academic and/or industrial record of achievement.

For more details of desirable background experience, please see our
recruiting page at


Send notes of interest and enquiries to j...@contemplateltd.com.

Don Sannella               d.sanne...@contemplateltd.com
Contemplate Ltd                   www.contemplateltd.com

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