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[ There are well known connections between types and flow analyses, so 
the HOFA forum should be of interest to many TYPES readers.  Also, the 
forum itself is modeled closely on TYPES.  Please join the forum if you 
are interested in flow analysis, and send mail if you or your lab should 
be listed on the researchers page.  -- David ]

Higher-Order Flow Analysis (HOFA) Forum

The HOFA forum is an email forum for the discussion and dissemination of 
research results in the area of higher-order flow analysis, broadly 
construed, within computer science and related disciplines. Flow 
analysis and related static analyses are a fundamental tool for program 
verification, bug detection, compiler optimization, program 
understanding, and software maintenance. The HOFA forum aims to 
facilitate theoretical, practical, and application advances in the area 
of functional, object-oriented, concurrent, distributed, and mobile 

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