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                   DTP 2010 --- 1st Call for Talks

                 Edinburgh, Scotland, 9&10 July 2010
               (a FLoC workshop, affiliated with LICS)


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Dependently typed programming is here today: where will it go tomorrow?

We invite contributed talks for the latest in a series of workshops on
dependently typed programming which started in 1999. The workshop will
have two invited talks --- from Ana Bove and Matthieu Sozeau --- and
however many contributed talks you contribute. We expect there will be
plenty of provocation, and plenty of time for discussion. If you want
to volunteer a talk or a demo at the workshop, please send us a title
and abstract before Friday 4 June 2010 at dt...@cs.nott.ac.uk

Slots will be at least 30 minutes (unless you ask for less), and we hope
to fit everyone in. Clearly, if we're overwhelmed, we'll be very pleased,
and we'll have to think again. We plan to organize a special issue of
Fundamenta Informaticae to contain refereed papers related to the topic
of the workshop.

In a nutshell,
what:        Dependently Typed Programming 2010
where:       Edinburgh, Scotland
when:        9&10 July, 2010
invited:     Ana Bove, Matthieu Sozeau
requested:   titles and abstracts for contributed talks and demos
slot time:   30 minutes
deadline:    4 June 2010
afterwards:  refereed selected postproceedings in FI

We look forward to an exciting two days exploring the very latest activity
in this growing and challenging field. In fact, in type-theoretic style,
we can hardly contain ourselves.

All the best

Thorsten and Conor

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