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The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland
Automatic Control Lab

has vacant positions at the postdoctoral (2) and doctoral (2) level within a
new group dedicated to

"Formal methods in computational systems and synthetic biology"

Topics of interest:

- Robustness analysis; bounding reachables for uncertain nonlinear systems
using "hybridization".
- Rule-based models (Kappa) and their extension to include spatial effects.
- Stochastic modeling and hybrid stochastic simulation algorithms.
- Applied modeling; construction and parameter estimation for hybrid models
of cellular signal transduction systems.
- Compositional theory of biomolecular circuits; accounting for

For more details please see http://lanos.epfl.ch/positions/

Questions can be addressed to Heinz Koeppl, heinz.koe...@epfl.ch

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