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                       Logic Colloquium  2010
                      Paris 25 July - 31 July

Deadline for submissions: 19 April, 2010


The Logic Colloquium is the annual European conference on logic,
organised under the auspices of the Association for Symbolic Logic

This year, the Programme Committee consists of:

A. Atserias, Z. Chatzidakis, T. Coquand, P.-L. Curien, M. Detlefsen,
C. Dimitracopoulos, J. Floyd, I. Juhasz, M. Magidor, M. Rathjen, T. Scanlon,
A. Soskova and Y. Venema.

The main events in this year's conference are as follows.

Uri Abraham (University Ben Gurion, Beer-Sheva )
Ted Slaman (University of California, Berkeley)

Plenary talks:
Françoise Delon (University Paris Diderot)
Nicola Gambino (Palermo University)
Mai Gehrke (Nijmegen University)
Jean-Yves Girard (University Marseille Méditerranée)
Moti Gitik (Tel-Aviv University)
Valentin Goranko (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby)
Leila Haaparanta (University of Helsinki)
Ian Hodkinson (Imperial College)
Julia Knight (University of Notre Dame)
Piotr Koszmider (Technical University of Lodz)
Jan Krajicek (Charles University in Prague)
Angus MacIntyre (Queen Mary, University of London)
Paulo Oliva (Queen Mary, University of London)
Kobi Peterzil (Haifa University)
Simon Thomas (Rutgers University)
Göran Sundholm (Leiden University)
Andreas Weiermann (Ghent University)
Thomas Wilke (Kiel University)
Alex Wilkie (University of Manchester)

Special sessions:

* Model Theory. Co-chairs: Tom Scanlon (University of California, 
Berkeley) and
  Frank Wagner (University Lyon I)

* Computability Theory. Co-chairs: Alexandra Soskova (Sofia University) and
  Andrea Sorbi (Siena University)

* Set Theory. Co-chairs: Mirna Dzamonja (University of East Anglia), Istvan
  Juhasz (Hungarian Academy of Science) and Boban Velickovic (University 

* Symposium on the Beyträge of Bernard Bolzano. Co-chairs: Michael Detlefsen
  (University of Notre-Dame) et Juliet Floyd (Boston University)

* Symposium on Simplicity (Complexity) of proofs: Mathematical and
  Philosophical Issues. Co-chairs: Michael Detlefsen (University of
  Notre-Dame), Juliet Floyd (Boston University) and Michael Rathjen 
  of Leeds)

The Programme Committee cordially invites all researchers to submit 
papers that have logic research content that lies within the scope of the
interests of the ASL.

Submission Deadline:         19 April 2010
Notification of Authors:     4 May 2010

The rules for abstract submission can be found at the conference webpage


The ASL will make available modest travel awards to graduate students in 
and to recent PhD's to attend the 2010 ASL European Summer Meeting in
Paris. The European Summer Meeting is also supported by a grant from the US
National Science Foundation; NSF funds may be awarded only to students 
at USA
universities and to citizens and permanent residents of the USA.

Applications and recommendations must be received before the deadline of 
30, 2010, by e-mail to


or by surface mail to

Thomas Ehrhard
Laboratoire PPS
Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7
Case 7014
75205 PARIS Cedex 13

Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 86 54

by the Organizing Committee: S. Abbes, O. Ainardi, V. Balat, T. Colcombet,
R. Cori (chair), A. Durand, T. Ehrhard (co-chair), M. Hils, R. Labib-Sami,
R. Lassaigne, Y. Legrandgérard, G. Malod, A. Mansuet, S. Périfel, J.-E. Pin
(co-chair), F. Point, P. Rozière, T. Tsankov, B. Velikovic.

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