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QICS  Spring School
Foundational Structures in Quantum Computation and Information
May 24-28, Oxford

If you wish to attend the QICS school PLEASE REGISTER.  Places are  

The QICS Spring School consists of extended tutorials on:
* Structures and methods for measurement-based quantum computation
* Categorical semantics, logics, diagrammatic methods
* Classical-quantum interaction and information flow
* Quantum automata, machines, calculi

Topics that will be covered include:
* measurement-based quantum computing (MBQC); properties of graph  
states; MBQC and condensed matter physics; blind quantum computation;  
determinism in MBQC; measurement-based classical computation and non- 
* monoidal categories, Frobenius algebras, and their graphical  
calculus; (co)algebra of complementary observables and multipartite  
quantum entanglement, and applications to MBQC; phase groups and non- 
* classical simulation of quantum circuits; categorical topological  
quantum computation; graphical calculus for measurements and channels;  
generalized probabilistic theories; convex operational models and non- 
* quantum cellular automata (QCA); QCAs and causality; higher types in  
quantum computing; quantum logics and quantum machines; colagebraic  

Confirmed lecturers:
Samson Abramsky (Oxford), Pablo Arrighi (Grenoble), Howard Barnum  
(Perimeter), Jonathan Barrett (Bristol, TBC), Dan Browne (UCL -  
London), Bob Coecke (Oxford), Ross Duncan (Oxford), Bill Edwards  
(Oxford), Joe Fitzsimons (Oxford), Ottfried Gühne (Innsbruck), Chris  
Heunen (Oxford), Peter Hines (York), Richard Jozsa (Cambridge), Aleks  
Kissinger (Oxford), Akimasa Miyake (Perimeter), Prakash Panangaden  
(McGill), Simon Perdrix (Grenoble), Sandu Popescu (Bristol), Mehrnoosh  
Sadrzadeh (Oxford), Peter Selinger (Dalhousie), Maarten van den Nest  
(Max-Planck), Jamie Vicary (Oxford), Reinhard F. Werner (Hannover),  
Andreas Winter (Bristol).
A full schedule is available on the school webpage:

The QICS Spring immediately precedes the Quantum Physics and Logic  
workshop, happening at the same location.  

For students there will be no registration fees;  for others we ask  
that you bring £35 in cash toward the costs of food and drink at the  

We will provide free youth hostel accommodation for a limited number  
of students.  Please email ross.dun...@comlab.ox.ac.uk as soon as  
possible if you would like to take advantage of this.  Places will be  
allocated on a first come first served basis.

Email ross.dun...@comlab.ox.ac.uk.  Please indicate whether or not you  
are a student, and whether you will also attend the QPL workshop.

Best wishes,
Ross Duncan
Local Organiser QICS Spring School
Oxford University Computing Laboratory

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