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The Formal Methods group at the Department of Informatics,
University of Oslo, has available 1  PhD position.

* The starting date of the employment should be no later
   than October 1, 2010.
* The applicants should preferably have completed a Master's degree
   (or similar), or being on the verge of completing one.
* The candidate should preferably have a background in formal methods
   (including type theory), concurrency and distributed systems, real- 
time systems, or
   probabilistic systems.
* Applications must be received no later than May 15, 2010.

The intended topic for the PhD project is modeling of
Probabilistic Real-Time Systems in Rewriting Logic. This includes
theoretical and practical investigations as well as tool
implementation. The tool development will build on Real-Time Maude and
Probabilistic Maude. (Information about rewriting logic and Maude can
be found at http://maude.cs.uiuc.edu/).

Applicants may submit a project proposal related to the research
challenges outlined above, including a description of main approach, a
more detailed outline of research topics, and proposals for choice of
theory and method.

The fellowship is for a period of up to 4 years, with 25 % compulsory  
and should lead to a PhD thesis at the University of Oslo

*** Applications must be received no later than May 15, 2010! ***

Information about how to apply is given in the following link:


The research group for formal methods
The Formal Methods group at the Department of
Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway, is working on tools and
languages for object-oriented and component-based software
development. Our current research focus includes

     * formal specification and analysis of real-time systems
     * object-orientation and open distributed systems
     * rewriting logic
     * specification and verification of OO-programs

Our research combines theoretical foundations with the goal to develop
practical tools and languages to capture software adaptability.  The
group's activities include both theoretical, foundational, and
experimental work within formal methods, semantics, and language design.
For more information, see the following web-page:


Terms of employment
The salary and terms at the University of Oslo are in accordance with
Norwegian state regulations. Salary is in the range NOK 355,400 –  
(currently EUR 45.100 - 50.000 and USD 59.800 - 66.300) per year,
depending on relevant work experience.

Further details
For further information about the position, informal requests, etc.,  
please contact

Professor Peter Ölveczky, email peterol AT ifi.uio.no,

How to apply
As mentioned, all information about how to apply can be found at


In addition to those requirements, an electronic copy of the  
application must be sent to
Peter  Ölveczky at e-mail peterol AT ifi.uio.no.

Please make sure that you mention the reference number 2010/4800 in  
your aplications and inquiries.

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