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This is to announce:

Partial Combinatory Algebras in Realizability and Computability (PCAs 
                 Friday 9th July 2010, Edinburgh, UK

              A LICS 2010-affiliated workshop at FLoC 2010


A workshop bringing together researchers working on all aspects of
partial combinatory algebras (PCAs) in realizability and computability.

Invited speakers:
  Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana)
  Inge Bethke (Amsterdam)
  John Longley (Edinburgh)
  Jaap van Oosten (Utrecht)
  Pino Rosolini (Genova)
  Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt)


There are (a limited number) of slots for contributed talks: if
you would like to contribute a talk to this workshop please
contact one of the organizers (Robin Cockett or Pieter
Hofstra) with a title and a short abstract and we will try to
accommodate you.

It is intended to have a special issue of  MSCS dedicated to the
general theme of the workshop which will be open to contributions
from the participants of the workshops and others with interest
in this area.

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