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                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                             **ITRS 2010**

     Fifth Workshop on  Intersection Types and Related Systems

                     Edinburgh, UK, 9 July 2010

                      affiliated with LICS 2010
                         pre-FLoC'10 workshop
ITRS 2010 is a venue for researchers working on
both the theory and practical applications of systems based on
intersection types and related approaches.
You are invited to participate.

REGISTRATION: use FLoC registration page
EARLY REGISTRATION is open and lasts until May 17.


Invited Talks

     * Adriana Compagnoni (Stevens Inst. of Technology, New-Jersey)
       Church-style and Curry-style Subtyping

     * Simona Ronchi Della Rocca (Univ. degli Studi di Torino)
       A Logic Foundation for Intersection and Union Types

Contributed Talks

*Steffen van Bakel
Sound and Complete Typing for Lambda-Mu

*Joshua Dunfield
Untangling Typechecking of Intersections and Unions

*Elena Giachino
On Semantic Subtyping and Safe Object-Oriented Sessions

*Paola Giannini, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini and Elena Zucca
Intersection types for unbind and rebind

*Luca Padovani
Session Types = Intersection Types + Union Types

*Vilhelm Sjöberg and Aaron Stump
Equality, Quasi-Implicit Products, and Large Eliminations

For program schedule and more information: http://gdn.dsi.unifi.it/itrs/

Betti Venneri
Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica
Universita' di Firenze
Viale Morgagni, 65 -50134 Firenze (Italy)

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