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                          Call For Participation

                            CICLOPS-WLPE 2010

                             Joint Workshop on
       Implementation of Constraint Logic Programming Systems
           Logic-based Methods in Programming Environments

                           Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
                              July 15, 2010

                          Satellite event of the
    26th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2010)


   * early registration deadline: 17 May 2010
   * standard registration:       18 May 2010 - 30 June 2010
   * late registration:           after 30 June 2010

Registration, accomodation, and travel/visa information for all FLoC
conferences and workshops is on the FLoC 2010 web pages:



Programming with Boolean Satisfaction
Michael Codish, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)

Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems by a SAT Solver
Naoyuki Tamura, Kobe University (Japan)


- Peter Biener, François Degrave and Wim Vanhoof
   A Test Automation Framework for Mercury

- Petra Hofstedt
   Realizing evaluation strategies by hierarchical graph rewriting

- Nicos Angelopoulos and Paul Taylor
   An extensible web interface for databases and its application to  
storing biochemical data

- Paulo Moura
   Meta-Predicate Semantics

- Jan Wielemaker and Vítor Santos Costa
   Portability of Prolog programs: theory and case-studies

- Dimitar Shterionov, Angelika Kimmig, Theofrastos Mantadelis and  
Gerda Janssens
   DNF Sampling for ProbLog Inference

- Vasco Pedro and Salvador Abreu
   Distributed Work Stealing for Constraint Solving

- Paulo André and Salvador Abreu
   Casting the WAM as an EAM

Workshop organizers:

German Vidal
DSIC, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Camino de Vera S/N, 46022 Valencia, Spain

Neng-Fa Zhou
Department of Computer and Information Science, Brooklyn College
The City University of New York
2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889

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