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Applications are invited for postdoc positions in the areas of programming 
languages, formal verification, operating systems, and  hardware design at the 
University of Pennsylvania, Harvard  University, and Northeastern University.

The hosting project, SAFE (Semantically Aware Foundation Environment), is part 
of CRASH, a larger DARPA-funded effort to design new computer systems that are 
highly resistant to cyber-attack, can adapt after a successful attack in order 
to continue rendering useful services, can learn from previous attacks how to 
guard against and cope with future attacks, and can repair themselves after 
attacks have succeeded.  It offers a rare opportunity to rethink the hardware / 
OS / software stack from a completely clean slate, with no legacy constraints 

Specifically, we aim to build a suite of modern operating system services that 
embodies and supports fundamental security principles—including separation of 
privilege, least privilege, and mutual suspicion—down to its very bones, 
without compromising performance.  Achieving this goal demands an integrated 
effort focusing on (1) processor architectures, (2) operating systems, (3) 
formal methods, and (4) programming languages and compilers -- coupled with a 
co-design methodology in which all critical system layers are designed 
together, with a ruthless insistence on simplicity, security, and verifiability 
at every level.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a combination of 
strong theoretical and practical interests, and expertise in two or more of the 
following areas: programming languages, security, formal verification, 
operating systems, and hardware design.  The position is for one year in the 
first instance, with possible renewal up to four years.  Starting date is 
negotiable. Applications from women and members of other under-represented 
groups are particularly welcome. 

To apply, please send a CV, research statement, and the names of three people 
who can be asked for letters of reference to Benjamin Pierce 
(bcpie...@cis.upenn.edu).  Inquiries can be directed to any of the PIs: 

   Andre Dehon (Penn)
   Greg Morrisett (Harvard)
   Benjamin Pierce (Penn)
   Olin Shivers (Northeastern)
   Jonathan Smith (Penn)

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