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                             Haskell 2010

                  ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Symposium 2010
                     Baltimore MD, United States
                         30th September, 2010

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


   The ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Symposium 2010 will take place on Thursday
   30th September, co-located with the 2010 International Conference
   on Functional Programming (ICFP), in Baltimore, Maryland. The early
   registration deadline is 30th August.

Accepted Papers

  "A generic deriving mechanism for Haskell",
    José Pedro Magalhães, Atze Dijkstra, Johan Jeuring and Andres Löh.   

  "Hoopl: A Modular, Reusable Library for Dataflow Analysis and Transformation",
    Norman Ramsey, João Dias and Simon Peyton Jones. 

  "A Systematic Derivation of the STG Machine Verified in Coq",
    Maciej Pirog and Dariusz Biernacki.

  "Species and Functors and Types, Oh My!",
    Brent Yorgey.

  "Experience Report: Using Hackage to Inform Language Design",
    J. Garrett Morris.

  "Concurrent Orchestration in Haskell",
    John Launchbury and Trevor Elliott.

  "Scalable Event Handling for GHC",
    Bryan O'Sullivan and Johan Tibell.

  "Seq no more: Better Strategies for Parallel Haskell",
    Simon Marlow, Patrick Maier, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Mustafa Aswad and Phil 

  "The performance of Haskell containers package",
    Milan Straka.

  "Nikola: Embedding Compiled GPU Functions in Haskell",
    Geoffrey Mainland and Greg Morrisett.

  "An LLVM Backend For GHC",
    David Terei and Manuel Chakravarty.

  "Supercompilation by Evaluation",
    Max Bolingbroke and Simon Peyton Jones.

  "Exchanging Sources Between Clean and Haskell - A Double-Edged Front End for 
the Clean Compiler",
    John van Groningen, Thomas van Noort, Peter Achten, Pieter Koopman and 
Rinus Plasmeijer.

  "Invertible syntax descriptions: Unifying parsing and pretty printing",
    Tillmann Rendel and Klaus Ostermann.


     * http://www.haskell.org/haskell-symposium, 
       the permanent homepage of the Haskell Symposium.
     * http://www.haskell.org/haskell-symposium/2010, 
       the 2010 Haskell Symposium web page.
     * http://www.icfpconference.org/icfp2010, 
       the ICFP 2010 web page.
     * https://regmaster3.com/2010conf/ICFP10/register.php
       the ICFP (including Haskell Symposium) registration page.

Programme Committee

     * Jeremy Gibbons, University of Oxford (chair)
     * James Cheney, University of Edinburgh
     * Duncan Coutts, Well-Typed LLP
     * Sharon Curtis, Oxford Brookes University
     * Fritz Henglein, Kobenhavns Universitet
     * Tom Schrijvers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
     * Chung-chieh Shan, Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
     * Martin Sulzmann, Informatik Consulting Systems AG
     * Wouter Swierstra, Vector Fabrics
     * Peter Thiemann, Universitaet Freiburg
     * Andrew Tolmach, Portland State University
     * Malcolm Wallace, Standard Chartered Bank

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